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MTSEF 2021 Winners announced

Congratulations to our MTSEF 2021 winners. We look forward to your bright future.

6th Grade Winners

  1. Lilly Reyna Perez, Snappy Nailz

  2. Zinija Price, I'll go Bananas for this Banana Bread

7th Grade Winners

  1. Alondra Mertinez Ordaz, What Temperature Makes a Tennis Ball Bounce Higher?

  2. Saray Carvajal Hernandez, pH of Water Sources

  3. Maxavier Dickson, How does Weight Affect Speed?

8th Grade Winners

  1. Miles Huneycutt, Raising the Bar on Reclaimed Water: Testing the Effects of Soap on Plant Growth

  2. Abbi Hanesana, Which Paper Towel is Strongest?

  3. Karina Vazquez Ayala, Detergents vs Stains

High School Grand Prize Winners (entered into ISEF):

  • Charlotte Landman, Off Target: Improving the Electric Sabre

  • Elijah Plattner and Wills Kookogey, Color Tracking Basketball Return Chute

High School Alternate Grand Prize Winner

  • Joseph Semler, Taylor Series Solutioni and a Related Numerical Technique for the Van der Pol Equation

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