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Volunteer Job Descriptions

If you're interested in volunteering with MTSEF, it's easy to get involved!



Supports our outreach program by working with their local community to build awareness and passion for STEM in middle and high schools in mid-TN.

County Coordinators:

Organize outreach campaigns to middle and high schools for one or more of the mid-TN 24 counties around Nashville served by MTSEF.

Social Media Advocates:

Help us spread our message and mission on social media to increase our outreach to students, parents and educators.

Science and Engineering Fair


STEM professionals and researchers who would like to share their work experiences, career journey and insights with our student participants.​


Judges are knowledgeable and objective individuals who have the ability to assess students fairly and determine which project earn awards. Technical judges assess design and should have a technical, engineering, or science related background.

Scorekeeper - Judging:

Official manager of the scoring sheets and official score spreadsheet. Attention to detail is critical, ability to sit for long periods of time, must be able to use Excel to enter data.

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